Beginners vs Advanced – Every journey starts with a single step

The journey of a martial artist is personal. Everyone has to start somewhere and the levels are so varied. Some people will walk through the door with natural ability to kick or flexibility or perhaps a great vision for movement.

The most important part of anyone’s journey is to realise your abilities and strengths and be able to recognise your weaknesses. For example if you are a natural kicker do not neglect your hands. A great kicker will still need to have good hands to be a well rounded fighter.

We must take an objective look at ourselves and be self critical. The habit of the advanced level is often to focus on sparring. In my opinion this can be a mistake, a football player will kick a ball probably 10,000 times before a game. They will practice setups for scoring goals, passing sequences, etc. They do not simply sit in front of the goal kicking the ball in the net. Fighting is no different.

As martial artists we must appreciate the journey, the study of the art. Technique is the practice of the skills we all need to help us develop and progress. As beginners everyone wants to reach for the higher level but as advanced students we can neglect the basics and forget about the importance of the journey.

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