Self Believe in your ability

If you don’t believe in yourself why should anyone else.

Everyone out there is capable of greatness but we have to walk the walk to find our path.

In martial arts people will have amazing skills in the gym but more often than not the most talented fighters are the ones that don’t compete. It’s a hard thing to walk into a mat or into a ring or cage and knowingly compete with another fighter.

The hardest part of competition is dealing with the pre fight. I can categorically say that every single fighter feels the same nerves and the same sick feelings when they compete. You just become more comfortable with dealing with it.

Fear of failure, fear of being hurt or embarrassed, fear of success these are some of the biggest stumbling blocks we will find along the way, but it’s only you as the fighter that can step out there and see what you can achieve.

Anyone in the world has the potential to be a world champion or a Blackbelt or a great fighter. But you have to do the work and put yourself in those uncomfortable positions.

If you do not believe in yourself, why should anyone else.

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