Power vs skill

Fighting is not all about the power shot.

We all enjoy the excitement the power punchers bring to fight sports, it’s why we watch the heavyweight fighters. The power in punchers such as Wilder is what gets us all watching, if we aren’t watching then who really cares. The victory for a big puncher can come at any point in a fight. They could get the knockout in round 1, round 5 or round 10. There are some amazing knockout artists out there. My favourite 2 examples are Rocky Marciano vs Jersey Joe Walcot, 1952 and also my favourite knockout is Chris Eubank Snr vs Reginaldos Dos Santos.

The skill of a fighter needs to Be measured on their ability to evade, to land multiple shots using timing and distance. The ability to slip the shots and keep out of danger. Fighting skill is developed through years of repetition, skill is everything in fighting.

Floyd Mayweather is the obvious example of a fighter who never used the power he surely had in both hand slate into his career as he used his advanced skills to frustrate and pick apart his opponents.

The fact is any power puncher can land a big punch and knockout an opponent but can they out skill opponent over 12 rounds avoiding the big shots and get away from danger. Tyson Fury frustrated Wilder over their whole fight and was able to get off the canvas everytime he got clipped but the age old question is Wilder could of won that fight if Fury hadn’t made the count. But Fury got up and was in my opinion the winner of the fight even though it wa scored a draw.

Imagine a skilled fighter like Floyd Mayweather with the power of a heavyweight such as wilder. Perhaps one of the best example of skill plus power is Mike Tyson. He was so dominant in his career.

If we don’t learn skills we can’t land with power. Power + Speed + Skill and a fighter will be a definite force to be reckoned with.

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