To grade or not to grade…..

Gradings although not essential to everyone’s training are always a great indicator of your level.

Some people find taking gradings helps them to keep focussed and goal setting via the belts is a easily structured way to keep on track with your training.

This however doesn’t always mean you will simply stroll through the belt system and grade at every scheduled opportunity. The standards of belts is an important factor in most martial arts gyms, For example if you are under your Blackbelt before you are ready not just via your skills as a fighter but also your technical ability you will be treated as a Blackbelt wherever you go. Sometimes it’s hard to understand that your being held back for your own safety and your ability limits rather than any form of punishment. The Blackbelt and higher grades are an advert within the gym to show the standard of our gym and the hard work you have put in during classes.

Martial arts is a personal journey and you cannot expect to always progress at the same rate as your friends on the class.

Anyone can make it to Blackbelt but that doesn’t mean everyone does.

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