Jamahl Golland – An inspirational young fighter.

At age three and a half Jamahl was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) & ADHD. His parents were told that he would never achieve academically and that he would never be an athlete due to the movement coordinations issues that he struggled with due to the Dyspraxia element of his Autism.

Jamahl attended a school for Autistic children from age 4 and also began in the Little Dragons programme around the same age.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, it took around 15 attempts before Jamahl was able to complete a full class as he kept running off due to severe anxiety issues related to Autism. Helpful, patient coaching was all he needed.

At age 11 he earned his black belt in Kickboxing from TMAC. At age 12 he won both the point fighting and light continuous categories at the WKU World Kickboxing Championships held in Killarney Ireland.

Jamahl’s Martial Arts has also helped enormously with his confidence and his ability to learn academically. At age 13, Jamahl was able to join a mainstream school and will be taking GCSE exams in the summer of 2021.

Jamahl is a perfect example of how Martial Arts can help people to achieve their own unique potential. TMAC has been a huge part of Jamahl’s life and he is now enjoying giving back as an assistant coach in the Juniors class.

Jamahl’s future in Martial Arts competition is very bright as he intends to become as good as possible. Jamahl has even hinted at a switch to Olympic style Taekwondo at some point in the future as he has set his sights on Olympic Gold.

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