Starting your fight life with nerves.

The start of a fight career is varied and difficult, the desire to enter the cage or the ring is sometimes overshadowed by the need to train and to achieve the level required.

Stepping into a fight is a wild ride of emotions, nerves and pressure. If anyone says they are not nervous stepping into an MMA fight I believe they are lying. If someone is truly not nervous in the build up to a fight they are either lying to you or perhaps they do not realise what they are getting into.

That’s not to say when someone steps into the cage they are not calm and calculated but the pre fight is often the hardest fight which a lot of people try to avoid talking about.

The important part of competing is understanding your body, your mindset and how to deal with them. You will question are you fit enough? are you good enough? will you lose? will you be embarrassed?

There is a real misunderstanding that as people gain experience they do not get nerves. I don’t believe this is true, all that really happens is you get more experienced in dealing with them and controlling the emotions and how to hide them.

I have worked the corner at so many events, full contact, light contact, amateur MMA, pro MMA, boxing, competitions at least 500 or more fights. Everyone has nerves some people just hide it better, don’t let this stop you taking those first steps.

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