The struggle of Tyson Fury has been very well documented over the past few years but I believe he stands for so much more than a man that was struggling with his mind and came back to the top of boxing through his grit and determination to succeed.

The fight was an amazing show of skill, I’m sure most people thought Tyson would not be able to walk straight at the supposed Mike Tyson of his era and pressure landing big shots and essentially bullying the bully. I believe Wilder will be back but I don’t believe the 3rd fight will be any different and I expect it will only lead to Wilder being defeated quicker a very tough guy that deserves respect but I simply do not see him winning the rematch. Next for Tyson is surely a Great British showdown with Anthony Joshua. AJ is great and a fantastic roll model for our country but I think Tyson will defeat him aswell.

Tyson has shown us that although we will often stand up and say we are fine, we are strong, we can handle the pressure sometimes we simply cannot. He is a figure of confidence that can step into the ring with the toughest guys and compete in one of the hardest sports where you must never show weakness to your opponent. With all these pressures he has come back from the edge of suicide and is today recognised probably as the greatest heavyweight boxer out of the UK and is probably sitting pretty smug in his hotel suite after his absolute clinic defeating Wilder.

Mental wellness is a current topic that is in the mainstream on a regular basis. We are all effected by it in some way. We must insist on helping our fellow martial artists, friends and family. Be someone to lend a ear to your struggling friend and do not sit back on what is the easiest choice.

I believe martial arts is a great way to handle the stresses of life I have met some of the most amazing people through martial arts. It has an amazing pull for people that enables them to come together and build through a real sense of team and belonging. Martial arts is a great stress relief and can help improve confidence and self belief. Learning a new skill is empowering and if you have a martial arts facility near you or any sport get in touch. Learn something new feel fitter, stronger, build that confidence and work out that stress.

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