Jamahl Golland – An inspirational young fighter.

At age three and a half Jamahl was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) & ADHD. His parents were told that he would never achieve academically and that he would never be an athlete due to the movement coordinations issues that he struggled with due to the Dyspraxia element of his Autism. Jamahl attended aContinue reading “Jamahl Golland – An inspirational young fighter.”

To grade or not to grade…..

Gradings although not essential to everyone’s training are always a great indicator of your level. Some people find taking gradings helps them to keep focussed and goal setting via the belts is a easily structured way to keep on track with your training. This however doesn’t always mean you will simply stroll through the beltContinue reading “To grade or not to grade…..”

Beginners vs Advanced – Every journey starts with a single step

The journey of a martial artist is personal. Everyone has to start somewhere and the levels are so varied. Some people will walk through the door with natural ability to kick or flexibility or perhaps a great vision for movement. The most important part of anyone’s journey is to realise your abilities and strengths andContinue reading “Beginners vs Advanced – Every journey starts with a single step”