tmac fighter circuit

Our tried and tested TMAC FIGHTER CIRCUIT used from tournement level all the way up to Professional fighting.

As you get better or if you want to work harder increase your active time or/and reduce your rest periods.


Train on upgrading your hand speed using our circuit based around punching techniques and being as fight focussed as possible.

tuesday tornado circuit

Try our Tuesday Fitness Tornado Circuit. 2 sets of the whole circuit at your highest pace.

Short rest and maximum effort GO!

Click here to see our training videos being updated throughout the week while we put together technical tips and helps for all the grades and harder techniques on the syllabus along with a number of focus pads and technical advice.

Have a look through our full syllabus free to download and view via the website.

Take this great opportunity to learn and review nutrition advice from our amazing friends at MASK Health & Fitness. Nutrition advice and Tips on Running are both vital as we are all training during the lockdown and in our normal day to day fitness.

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